Home Depot Credit Card Payment Online

Home Depot is one of the biggest retailers of home improvement supplies in North America and they have their own Home Depot credit card.  Their stores can be identified by the orange motif that can be seen on their signs, equipment, and uniforms worn by their staff.  Typically, their stores can be compared to a warehouse and they carry a wide range of products – from home improvement supplies, to appliances.  If you are looking for a one-stop shop where you can get anything that you need for your home, Home Depot will have what you need.

The Home Depot credit card is a no fee credit card that gives many benefits to the customers that have them.  They typically allow you to take advantage of the many deferred payment promotions put on the stores throughout the year and offer a great way for you to get the supplies you need for your home now, and pay for them later.

Home Depot provides a safe and secure website for their credit card holders which allows you to view your account, get a detailed listing of your transactions, and gives you the opportunity to make payments online.  If English is not your first language, they also offer service in Spanish.

If you are looking to make your Home Depot credit card payment online, it is safe to do so through their website.  If you don’t have an account, you will have to register for a free to get your online account access.  To register, you need to visit their site and enroll for an account by selecting “Make a Payment” and then “Enroll”.  Make sure that you have a check or deposit slip handy so that you can enter your nine digit bank routing number along with your account number in the form shown on your computer screen.  Be aware that by enrolling in the program, you are authorizing your bank to pay your Home Depot bill right from your checking account.  You will need to login to your account each month to make your payment since they will not take your payment without your consent.  Be aware that payments will post with today’s date if they are made before 5 p.m. Eastern time.

As with any other credit card, you can avoid finance charges and late fees by paying your account on time.  Making your Home Depot credit card online payment is an environmentally friendly choice as you are eliminating the paper waste caused by your bill being mailed to you.  Should you have any questions or problems while you are making your credit card payment, you can always phone the Home Depot credit card customer service department and they will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

If you wish to apply for a Home Depot credit card, you must meet certain requirements including being 18 years of age or older and posses a valid social security number.  You will be asked to provide contact information, your financial information including your income as well as your living situation.  Many applicants are approved immediately, whereas other applications may take longer.  Typically, approved cards are delivered within 14 business days.  You can apply online, over the phone or right in your local Home Depot Store.