Lane Bryant Credit Card Payment Online

Making your Lane Bryant credit card payment online is easy if you are an avid shopper of the department store of the same name.  If you are unfamiliar with Lane Bryant, it is a store that sells clothing for women who wear sizes 14 to 32.  They have a large selection of clothes including dresses, blouses, pants and accessories.  It is a popular destination for women of all age to shop and find the clothes they need for both work and play.

The Lane Bryant credit card is issued by the World Financial Network National bank(WFNNB).  Since the credit card services are provided by a third party, you should take the time to read their privacy policy to ensure that you are okay with the terms laid out in the document.  If you are looking for it online, you can find it at the Lane Bryant website ( under “Customer Privacy Statement.”

In order to make your credit card payment online, you need to first register for your free account at the Lane Bryant website.  You will be required to create a password for your account during the registration process as well as answer a few questions to identify yourself.  Make sure that you double check all the answers you provide to ensure that the information is correct before clicking the button to submit your registration details.

After you have completed and confirmed your registration by email, logging into your credit card account is easy.  All you have to do is provide your account username and password and you will be in the customer area.  Inside you will find convenient access to your past transactions, statements and payment history.  There is also the option for you to subscribe to paperless billing, and many of the Lane Bryant customers take this environmentally friendly choice.

There are also options for your to request a credit limit increase on your Lane Bryant account right from your members area as well as add additional authorized users and request additional cards for your account.  Also, there is the option for you to make your Lane Bryant credit card payment online right from your members area and many people take advantage of just how easy it is to make their credit card payment online.